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Learn from the experts who have succeeded before you!


Jeff Roberti

The Hoffman's $70 Million Mentor and their Servant Leadership approach to success.

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  1. His Story, How he got started 5:45
  2. Advice for Young people. How to become Fearless. It's about THEIR needs not yours. Three things to get clear. The importance of Language in Prospecting. 4:57
  3. Leading by Example, Committing to the numbers 7:00
  4. Say less to More, #1 Reason people fail in this business 3:29
  5. Part-time to Full-time to LIFETIME. It's not your upline's business, it's yours.  Launching a new person.  8:27
  6. The Science of Achievement verses the Art of Fulfillment. Continually growing. Retiring into your business. Evolving your "why". Marketing hope. 5:56
  7. Enthusiasm is Contagious. Being a well paid story teller. Sell results, not ingredients.  Lead with product or opportunity? It's not an opportunity, it's a responsibility.  Grow ME, Serve YOU. Goal: Put the customer ahead of your needs, add massive value, create a raving fan!  7:02
  8. Commit to one company, find great leadership,  and live by principles that duplicate to achieve true success.  3:51
  9. Time Management, Having Fun is living in the "new business production stage"   5:16
  10. Learn the fastest way to mastery in Network Marketing  4:59
  11. Establishing a productive daily method of operation, how to build momentum, the importance of big events and much more.   7:40
  12. Learn how to turn the worst day of your life into the best day of your life in the final episode of this epic interview with $70 million dollar earner Jeff Roberti.  7:11

Les Brown

Les Brown.jpg

Jim Rohn


John Maxwell

Renowned for his teachings in Leadership, John Maxwell will give you solid life-changing ideas to grow your success.

1. The Secret to Success 3:29  
2. Leadership is "adding value to people" 3:41
3. How to Connect with People 1:52
4. How to be Unforgettable 3:37
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