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The Consumer Folder


  • It's ONE tool for EVERY presentation!

  • It’s simple, it works, and anyone can do it!

  • Increases the # of sales per associate = more commissions!


  1. Learn the purpose of consumer folder with the video on the left.

  2. Get familiar with the consumer folder script.

  3. Learn some short testimonials to support your presentations.

  4. Increase your business by 300% using the R3 strategy with the R3 form after every presentation.

  5. Set your goals with the commission calculator by calculating the number of sales needed to create your desired income.

  6. Are you ready to empower and protect everyone? Let's set some appointments! Setting the Appointment script

  7. Learn the 5 P's: Prepare, Practice and Present then you will Protect and Prosper!

"Consumer folder presentation script strikes again! I did an enrollment today with seven employees. All seven employees signed up! I am so grateful that you guys took the time to create this tool for us to use. Seriously! Game changer in my business! I owe you so much!"       

-Jen Bell

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