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Annual Success Assessment

If you want to take your LegalShield business to a NEW LEVEL this year, then it is time to assess what you did right last year!  We do not want to just spray and pray our efforts all over the place. In ShieldNation, we believe in building high performance teams, and that means we all operate in our areas of gifting.  Success is strategic and our aim is to help you grow to your highest potential.  We do that by identifying your strengths and building your business with what is working best for each one of you! We so appreciate the opportunity to serve the you all and passionately desire to see you become all God purposed.



Under "Name" fill in your last 20 sales, recruits or groups opened (add additional pages if needed), then under "The WHAT", check all that apply.


For the SOURCE section, only check 1 box, where the prospect came from originally.  If you met them in a networking function or they were given to you as a referral and now they are a friend (warm market), check Networking group or Referral, not warm market.  We are looking to see if there is a trend in where the original source of your successes are coming from. 


For the METHOD section, you will check all the activities you did to create your success.  If you invited someone to an Executive Luncheon and then did a 1-on-1 to close them, then check both.  If you did a PBR and they signed up for the membership that night, and then you took them to a briefing and they became an associate, check both.  If you sent someone a website link that got them excited enough to sit down with you for a 1-on-1, check both website and 1-on-1. 

Do you see a trend in WHO you are attracting? 

Do you see a trend in HOW you are creating your success?


Or WHO you are best suited to serve and HOW you most successfully approached that prospect.

Now use this information to create higher productivity and better results for yourself!

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