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Setting Up Your Business

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Building Your Dream Business

Click below for "Building Your Business" checklist.

Use the Service

Use What: Use your memberships, your apps and your member perks- EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY…if needed! The more you use them, the more confident and credible you will become. Belief comes by using them all and using them often!

Use Why: A satisfied customer is our most successful Associate! When you USE the service you KNOW from your own personal experience how empowering it is. Then you will want to SHARE it naturally, like a good movie or restaurant.

Coach & Improve

By using our high-performance coaching model will help you Level Up, earn bonuses and create a long-term sustainable income. Our goal is to help you create maximum results as quickly as possible! Let's begin...

TELL ME: This onboarding training will "TELL" you how to build a successful LegalShield business.

SHOW ME: Your team leaders will "SHOW" you how to build a successful LegalShield business!

LET ME: Next, we "LET" you share and present, while we coach you daily to assure maximum results! (see PDA coaching below)

GROW ME: Every step of the way, your team leaders will help "GROW" you so you advance your skills and grow your success.

Watch the short video below to learn how to use the Hoffman Tracking System.

Improve your business:​​

  • Organize your business with the PDA Form (Personal Daily Achievement). A weekly scheduler which keeps your business building activities (presentations, trainings, PBRs, briefings, etc) all in one place for improved organization and to assist the coaching process during your launch phase.

  • Set your Goals. If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time!

  • Know and practice the Ten Core Commitments. 

  • Use the Commission Calculator to see how many memberships you will need to see in order to reach your goals.

  • Learn how to Performance Club Qualify monthly.

  • First you make your habits, then your habits make you! If you want to earn more, you must learn NEW AND PRODUCTIVE habits to produce the income you desire. Learn the 7 habits strategies that create breakthrough results by reading one chapter of the SUCCESS HABITS workbook every day during your first week! When you change your habits, you'll change your life!

Coach every new associate through the ShieldNation Onboarding process.

Duplicate Your Business


  • Our goal is to create explosive growth in markets throughout North America by providing services that bring cutting-edge and cost effective solutions to the local communities.

  • We duplicate ourselves to expand market share.  Duplication is the key to wealth!   Market share can increase two ways: by increasing sales personally and/or by duplicating yourself by recruiting the following:

    • New Sales Associates (PT and FT)

    • Agents and Agencies

    • Brokers

    • Associations (Local and National)

    • Niche Market Specialists

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