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 Movement BOOK IS


  • More ED's

  • More Stories

  • More Impact

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Attract and retain more Associates with our exclusive team marketing tool. It will:

  • paint the picture of a life with more income, purpose, significance and fun!

  • create trust by sharing the 7 keys to our team's culture.

  • share the backgrounds, the why and the successes of our TOP ED's which will inspire and motivate them to become part of the STN movement!

In this WORKbook (yes, that means you will WORK throughout the book!), Dr. Darcy Hoffman teaches you step-by-step how to processes everyday decisions to CHOOSE the RIGHT HABITS... over and over to produce a lifestyle of success. If you follow her simple, practical, exercises, and stick to it, you are sure to succeed! Click below to learn more.

Why use the Consumer Folder?

  • It’s ONE tool for EVERY presentation in ANY sales division!

  • It’s a presentation tool AND a leave-behind all in one!

  • It’s simple, it works, and anyone can do it!

  • Increases the number of sales per associate = more commissions for everyone!

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