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What's New in LegalShield

AMAZING ARTICLE: We compare 5 top brands of IDT Services

May 1, 2019 By Vince Pontorno,

Which identity protection service is best? We compare 5 top brands

New IDShield Migration Letters

For all our Group Producers please see Allen's attachments below.  As I get more information from Allen I'll certainly keep you all in the loop.

Attorney General Videos

Below is a link to a brand-new Vimeo channel Scotty Brasher has created with some footage of Mike Turpen answering questions about having our membership, why it is important to have it, why a law firm is better than one lawyer, etc.  Please feel free to use and share these videos with your team and on Social Media. 


They are also located in Prospect by LegalShield under Resources > Provider Law Firm Network.

New 101 Reasons doc

LegalShield has come out with a new "101 Reasons document called "15 Areas of Law". This has been posted to the ShieldNation Onboarding and the What to Bring to a Presentation page on Click here to check it out.

Small Business Year End Checklist

December is the perfect time to take stock of your achievements and challenges. This checklist is designed to help you organize your business’s finances and objectives. Understanding where you have been will help you develop a roadmap to growth and success in 2018. Learn more here.

IDShield Vault

The app will be released to stores 9/27. Communication will include the Associate Newsletter, the Leadership and B2B Shows, and social media. As a reminder, there is a one page brochure LegalShield On Demand.

IDShield Vault Blog Post    Watch the ‘commercial’ video     Demo Video

Web Shows

Mr. Don Wilson shows us how Lucheons and Dinner Events can Maximize our Recruiting! Login to your AO Back Office, hover over Events/Calls, click Web Shows, See Monday Night Momentum 6/26/17 show.

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What's New in ShieldNation

6-25-19 SNLeadership Call W Allen Spence

I wanted to take a minute and recognize Allen for the outstanding effort he put forth on our call today.  For over 1 hr he presented and discussed the New Plan.  He answered all of the team's questions and was absolutely first class.  You've picked a real winner here and we want to express our thanks to you as our CEO and again to Allen as the Director and Product Lead for IDT product.

Here is the call recording:

Shield the Nation is Now an E-Book

Check out the new e-book version of Shield the Nation booklet! Find it under the Training/Resources tab.


We will begin hosting the Sunday call on the Zoom platform this Sunday, April 28, 2019. The following Join link, Meeting ID and call information will remain the same each week. No need to register.


Hear from ShieldNation's top leaders as they share the opportunity along with their excitement of how our services are helping thousands of people on a daily basis! Bring your guests every week and watch your business explode!


Opportunity Presentation: 8:00pm ET/ 5:00pm PT (15 mins)

ShieldNation Team Meeting: 8:15pm ET/ 5:15pm PT (30 mins)



TWO WAYS TO JOIN: (The following information will remain the same each week)



1. Join Zoom Meeting:

2. Enter Meeting ID: 7025444431#

3. Choose how you will connect your audio

Your device (You will have the option to test the quality)

Use the call information displayed on your screen

Call in using the instruction below.

4. Press *6 to mute and unmute yourself



1. Join Audio via your device or by calling into one of the numbers below:

646-558-8656 (New York)
669-900-6833 (San Jose)
647-558-0588 (Canada)

Or find your local number:

2. Enter Meeting ID: 7025444431#

3. Press #

4. Press *6 to mute and unmute yourself

Check out the NEW Commission Calculator!

We have updated the Commission Calculator to include the Premium Dollars and Legal Plan Supplements! Set your commission goals by calculating the number of sales needed to create your desired income.

2-12-19 SNLeadership Call w Allen Spence

Listen to the recorded call online here or listen from Google Drive here. Be sure to view the message from Allen Spence below as well!

Click here to view a message from Allen Spence, our Director of Product Leadership, regarding questions and answers that have come from myself and the field, and rightfully so. 


Tomorrow you will be able to ask Allen Spence your own questions and get a clear understanding on what the MIGRATION of our new product into the business solutions space will look like. BUT PLEASE, be sure to read the message before asking to speak so we can all be respectful of everyone's time. 


I appreciate everyone's patience. Our frustrations show we are passionate about serving our clients to the highest of standards.  I've spoken w/ Kathy Pinson and she as assured me the process will be fairly seamless.  They've done this before w/ Kroll, so thankfully it's not the first time.

Double Your Income Using Referrals Webinar

THIS IS THE BIGGEST KEY TO SOLID BUSINESS BUILDING - turn every customer into a referring machine and/or an associate. Do NOT think so small that the only win is to look for is a recruit. It is here that most miss it and step over 10’s of thousands of dollars of opportunity. So here is the ShieldNation difference maker. Use the ShieldNation R3 program and maximize your opportunities after every presentation (even those that don’t buy!).

Download your worksheet here.

Download your R3 Form here.

Watch the Referral Webinar Replay here.

SN Call with Eduardo Casas 6.20.18

Check out the replay of our call with LegalShield's Project Manager Eduardo Casas here.


Equally Important: We need 5-10 Spanish speaking members and/or associates to give testimonials so we can create a new tool/resource for recruiting and selling purposes. The format would be a quick 30-45 seconds including name, background and how you benefited from the service. Please reach out to if interested.

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