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The Shield the Nation Booklet

This book was created to help launch a movement that will help you build wealth by empowering and protecting people. We don’t want to just sell and recruit people to sell, we want to SHIELD the NATION!  This is bigger than just building a business. This is a MOVEMENT TO EMPOWER AND PROTECT the nation and in turn, create wealth for you and your family. Like Zig Ziglar says, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will always get what you want!”


Give the book out to interested prospects so they can:

  • Learn about being part of a movement that matters

  • Understand the 7 Keys to our winning culture

  • Read real stories of why people got started and the success they’ve had

  • Believe more in the power and potential of the opportunity

  • Get motivated to take action


Here's How YOU Can Help Create the Movement

To help create the movement, we need YOU and your whole team of Associates to email the following, every day, every week, every time a customer shares a positive story. Here are examples of what to send:

  • Before and after posters OR short simple impact videos (30 sec to 1 min max) from all your satisfied customers, that includes YOU! If you use the poster testimonial idea, use no more than 15 words per each side of the poster. See examples here.

  • Pics of your customers with a will, traffic ticket, refund check, letter from the attorney, etc. Add a few words about why they love LS or IDS and how it helped them.

  • NO PUSHY SELLING, OPPORTUNITY PICS OR LIFESTYLE PICS, just pics of real people getting real solutions to everyday issues. Brief and full of impact, but not salesy.

  • Send all MEMBER testimonials (via postcard pics, short videos, or happy customer pics) about the LegalShield, IDShield and/or MemberPerks to

Stay tune to ShieldNation for more exciting events to help build the movement. So far, here are the movement hashtags to get things going for MEMBER STORIES ONLY: #ShieldTheNation #STN #LifeHappensShieldIt #ShieldHappens send us any other ideas please!

ShieldtheNation Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Coming Soon!

Believing the best in YOU,

John and Darcy Hoffman and the ShieldNation Leadership

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