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$99 CD set for FREE by Myles Munroe

In honor our our mentor and friend, the late Dr. Myles Munroe, and his mission to "Pass It On," we would like to offer our $99 CD set of his training from our Team Conference in Nashville to all of you absolutely FREE!   

In his talk called, Training Leaders for Excellence, Dr. Munroe shares that everything we need for success is already WITHIN US!  So refuse to be normal and create your "new normal" by maximizing your potential as a leader.  This is one of the best leadership talks you will ever hear!  Listen to it over and over and over until you understand and agree with God's foundational principles for success…then the top producer you were designed to be will appear!  

Join us in making a donation to Dr. Munroe's Ministry!

ShieldNation family, please help us to bless Dr. Munroe's ministry! If you feel led to make a contribution to Bahamas Faith Ministry in exchange for these teachings, please choose a payment method below.


Payable to: Bahamas Faith Ministry

Mail to: The Myles E. Munroe Diplomat Center

P.O. Box NP-9583

Richard Pinder Drive, Carmichael Road

Nassau, Bahamas

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